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The fjords in summer or winter: two inimitable faces of Norway


This ever-changing landscape is cleaved by the sea

Nature is an artist, and the Norwegian fjords are one of her greatest works. Take your chance to explore these inlets carved by glaciers that stretch all the way into the heart of the country. They are magical in winter and dazzling in summer. Each season offers up its own reasons to come and admire them.

Weather and leisure

norway cruise: when to visit the fjords?
While the mercury rises in the country’s south, sun, rain, wind and fog live happily side by side on the west coast without ever dampening the spirits of the Norwegians. Whatever the weather, they enjoy the friluftsliv, a special word describing Norwegians’ connection to nature and their passion for the great outdoors. Boating, sea kayaking, hiking and cycling along spectacular scenic routes bring the Norwegian summer to life.


norway cruise: when to visit the fjords?
Winter, the season of silence and serenity, is an opportunity to discover Norway at its purest and most untamed, when it looks immaculate in its beautiful white winter coat. A veil of mist envelops clear waters freed from the ice by the warm Gulf Stream current. It’s an enchanting sight to behold! Winter in the heart of the tranquil fjords is ideal for snow sports, snowshoeing and dog-sledding. Deep in the Aurlandsfjord valley, one of the most beautiful railway lines – the Flåmsbana – winds along the coast, and it is even more impressive in winter!

Northern lights and landscapes

norway cruise: when to visit the fjords?
Once you have entered the Arctic Circle, it is time to live life to the rhythm of the solstices. You will relish bright summer nights bathed in the ‘midnight sun’. Admire waterfalls that tumble down sheer mountains and streams lined with greenery and flowers that plunge straight into the crystal-clear waters of the fjords. Watch out for sea eagles, as fjords teeming with fish are one of their favourite hunting grounds. You might also spot a few puffins breeding near Runde Island.
norway cruise: when to visit the fjords?
In winter, from early afternoon until late the next morning, the sky fades from twilight into the black of night and sometimes provides a backdrop for the bewitching aurora borealis. Some like to say that the fjords reveal their true beauty when they are in their wildest and roughest winter finery. You are a lot more likely to spot whales if you head up to the Vesterålen archipelago, where migrating herring attract orcas, rorquals and sperm whales.


norway cruise: when to visit the fjords?
You can explore Norway’s remarkable gastronomy scene from the shores of the fjords at the foot of the mountains. In summer, roadside stalls are packed with strawberries, cherries, raspberries and blueberries. It’s also the season for friendly summer barbecues, which are particularly popular among Norwegians. When it comes to fresh fish, there’s mackerel, trout and salmon cooked however you like it.
norway cruise: when to visit the fjords?
In winter, you can enjoy king crab, prawns and skrei, also known as cod or Atlantic cod. Other much-loved specialities include delicious meatballs and potato dumplings – and, for more adventurous types, we should also mention an ancient traditional dish known as smalahove (or sheep’s head). Visitors with a sweet tooth will love the inimitable Norwegian buns and waffles. And don’t miss out on a cup of craft cider in winter or summer.
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