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Why go on a luxury cruise in Antarctica?

partir en croisière de luxe en Antarctique avec Ponant

Exploration and completeness

Travelling in Antarctica means enjoying a sensory and immersive experience. On board a luxury cruise ship in Antarctica with PONANT, everything is designed to provide you with an exceptional expedition experience, down to the last detail.

In the wake of famous explorers such as the Frenchmen Paul-Émile Victor and Jean-Baptiste Charcot and the Briton Sir Ernest Shackleton, cross the legendary Antarctic circle, the 66th parallel south, aboard a luxurious ship combining cutting-edge technology, high-end services and a passionate expedition team of polar region experts.

Experience the perfect blend between the taste for exploration and the art of luxury travel. Ready to board?

An elegant fleet

The design of the PONANT polar expedition ships interiors was entrusted to renowned interior designers such as Jean-Philippe Nuel and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who designed them to highlight the beauty of these incredible landscapes: clean lines dashing to the outside, large glass windows to open up the space and carry your gaze off into the distance. 
The ships feel cosy, yet offer roomy cabins and suites with private balconies to enjoy your polar expedition to the fullest. The outer decks also invite you to come admire the scene and enjoy a truly extraordinary show. As for the interior decoration, it is understated and elegant in order to sublimate the White Continent experience.

Antarctica cruise: a crew of enthusiasts

Each adventure is designed by captains and a passionate expedition team, after detailed environmental impact studies, with the aim of leaving no trace of our journey. Thanks to their exceptional knowledge of the field, they draw rare and innovative routes
You will be guided by experienced expedition leaders and naturalist guides who share their knowledge on board and on the outings. Conferences are also organised to go over all there is to know about this fragile ecosystem and to address historical, cultural and geopolitical issues. PONANT forges ties with scientists on the ground, adventurers and film-makers who share their love for Antarctica with you.
Famous women explorers are highlighted on certain cruises thanks to the partnership with Le Cercle Polaire, a think tank co-founded by pole specialist Laurent Mayet. So many opportunities for enlightening and prestigious encounters on board!

Immersion in the White Continent

From the very first moments, feel the intensity and magnetism of the White Continent. The fascination is all the greater when you slip on board a kayak between the sheets of ice drifting in poetic silence, during a zodiac outing, a hike on foot or in snowshoes, or during an encounter with a colony of penguins. An interview with the Emperor is reserved for the passengers of the Commander Charcot: a rare moment of intensity and immersion in the world of Luc Jacquet, director of the 2006 Oscar-winning documentary March of the Penguins
The boldest can even try something incredible: a wetsuit-free dive in the Polar Sea!

Haute cuisine and gourmet pleasure

During this adventure, all your senses are awakened and flavours are also part of the journey. Inspired by this harsh natural environment, the on-board restaurants bring exploration to the next level with a cuisine that reinvents the great classics and offers you new flavours in a refined setting. 
PONANT works with Ducasse Conseil to offer you generous and gourmet dishes that will accompany you throughout your expedition. 
We are honoured to host seasoned chefs who take up the challenge of offering fine and varied gastronomy in the pure tradition of French savoir-vivre.

Ambassadors of polar magic

A pioneer in the sector of sustainable and responsible polar exploration trips, PONANT is concerned with the preservation of ecosystems and its Foundation is involved in species conservation projects alongside international NGOs.
The fleet is at the cutting edge of innovation and uses hybrid technology. It also reduces its gas emissions to a minimum and has adopted a zero single-use plastic policy on board.
Because it’s easier to protect what we know, the company wants to turn each passenger who comes back from an expedition into an ambassador, fully aware of the importance of preserving this invaluable wealth of nature.

Focus on Le Commandant Charcot

The latest addition to the PONANT fleet is a tribute to the intensity of Jean-Baptiste Charcot’s life, his feats, his thirst for exploration and desire to further scientific knowledge.

This is the world’s first polar exploration cruise ship with a PC2 hull capable of breaking the ice. It features technological innovations that allow it to navigate even further to discover the most unexplored polar shores, reach previously inaccessible places and minimise its impact on the environment. With its Liquefied Natural Gas hybrid propulsion, the least impactful energy at the current time for ships, it can also switch to electric mode. 

It has two scientific laboratories equipped with measuring equipment for research teams. This is an opportunity for expedition teams to raise awareness of the challenges of studying polar regions and for you to become a patron of advances in the field of knowledge of the climate and ice regions.   

Le Commandant Charcot has been designed as a refined setting where haute cuisine, offered by Alain Ducasse’s only seaborne restaurant, and interiors designed by Jean-Philippe Nuel and Wilmotte & Associés await you. Enjoy an open-air bath in the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon on Deck 9, heated thanks to the ship’s kinetic energy, and in the indoor pool with views of the outside to admire the majesty of icy landscapes or try the Snow Cabin after a spa session. The theatre with its musical scene and gala dinners bring a glamorous touch to your trip.


Photo credits: ©StudioPONANT / Olivier Blaud; ©PONANT / Julien Fabro; ©PONANT /Ian Dawson


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