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An unforgettable luxury cruise in the Arctic!

partir en croisière en arctique avec ponant

Adventure and authenticity

Explore the Arctic, a destination at the ends of the earth with truly extraordinary landscapes. Inspired by the sagas of explorers of remote lands, PONANT, a company that has blazed the trail of the polar expedition, dreams up exclusive experiences for thrill-seeking travellers, from icebergs, glaciers, and sea kayaking to encounters with local communities. On board, everything is calm and gentle, luxury and comfort. You’re in the hands of an exceptional fleet manoeuvred by experienced crews, who are present and attentive to your needs. Simply let the waves of adventure carry you away.

Daring routes, authentic encounters

With solid experience in polar exploration, PONANT cruises are above all devoted to the unusual and unexpected. In their perpetual quest for unique routes, the company takes you to the most remote of areas, allowing you to discover fascinating flora and fauna. Commanders, expedition leaders and naturalist guides rich in expertise work hand in hand to take you on incredible journeys. Every day, they watch vigilantly and patiently, on the lookout for once-in-a-lifetime moments. Imagine: at daybreak, on the sea ice, right before your eyes, a polar bear appears. Picture again, at dusk, a majestic whale ballet. So many unforgettable experiences!  The PONANT teams forge ties with local populations, promising precious moments of exchange and sharing. It’s the opportunity to discover the secrets of the ancestral narwhal hunt alongside a seasoned Inuit hunter, or to simply converse with members of the community.

Reasonably-sized ships at the forefront of innovation

The vessels in the PONANT fleet have a limited number of cabins and suites, providing an intimate travel experience. They are equipped with the latest technical innovations available, pushing the envelope for ethical sea exploration and taking you to the most remote of shores. Combining technological prowess with refined interior design, PONANT ships offer an intimate, soft setting. The spaces are decorated in muted shades, drawing the focus outwards with large picture windows. Suites and cabins are sleek and elegant. All come with a private balcony and sea views; and some suites have a terrace and private jacuzzi.  From the exterior decks, the Observatory lounge or even one of the swimming pools, enjoy exceptional polar landscapes in all their majesty. You can also opt for a wellness break by indulging in a relaxing treatment in the ship’s spa. Le Commandant Charcot even has a snow cabin!

A luxury cruise and gastronomy: exceptional cuisine for an exceptional expedition

To enhance your journey, PONANT has partnered with Ducasse Conseil to offer you the most refined, upscale gastronomy on board its ships. At the helm in the kitchen, its seasoned chefs work passionately with exceptional products to serve you healthy, elegant and gourmet dishes, different every day and enhanced with delicious wines. It is truly flavourful and generous cuisine, in keeping with the French way of life.

Attentive experts at your command

At the helm of the PONANT ships are experienced captains, true virtuosos of navigation in an extreme environment, with perfect knowledge of the terrain built over long years of experience. Alongside them, passionate experts and naturalist guides provide you with exciting insights on the history and flora and fauna of the Arctic, as well as the climatic and geopolitical issues of the Poles. Talk with ornithologists, glaciologists, or polar bear specialists while on board. They will answer all your questions, whether at informal meetings on observation decks or at your table over dinner. PONANT also surrounds itself with prestigious guests: world-renowned explorers, scientists and filmmakers, all distinguished ambassadors who share their passion for the Poles.On board Le Commandant Charcot, teams of scientists are tasked with advancing our knowledge of the Poles, which are extreme and fragile environments. It is an opportunity to observe enriching experiences and exchange with them about their research.

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Sublime moments of contemplation await you, from icebergs, fjords, glaciers and sea ice as far as the eye can see, to Greenland villages encircled by snow-capped peaks. And, at the right time of year, you might even see the luminous sky dance under the breathtaking Northern Lights. For an even more immersive experience, you can take advantage of many different personalised activities, depending on your trip, such as kayaking on the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean, traversing vast, immaculately white expanses on foot or by dog sled, observing whales and polar bears, taking a walk in the footsteps of Paul-Émile Victor and seeing the cabin where he lodged, embarking on a polar trek with an Inuit guide or sharing a meal with the Innu community along the St. Lawrence River in Quebec. If the opportunity arises, you could even play football with Greenlanders on the ice! So many unforgettable moments…

Preservation and awareness

Among the most important of PONANT’s high fundamental standards are prevention, preservation and respect for polar ecosystems. In its approach of this unique world region, the company is committed to limiting the impact of its polar expedition trips and protecting flora and fauna, complying with strict international standards and best practices defined by the IAATO and the AECO, two tour operator associations of which PONANT is a member and which govern tourism activities in Antarctica and the Arctic.  A code of ethics is sent to passengers in order to make them very aware of the need to preserve these remote regions. It is in this same spirit that PONANT plans its routes, collaborating with local populations in accordance with their traditions.   Among such commitments to protecting the Poles and oceans, the PONANT Foundation, created in 2018, is working alongside scientists to advance research in this area. Spearheading this scientific cooperation effort are the cutting-edge laboratories aboard Le Commandant Charcot.

Because we are always better at protecting what we know, the company aims to create in each of its passengers an ambassador fully aware of the importance of preserving this invaluable natural wealth.

Did you know?

The word Arctic comes from the Greek árktos, which means “bear”. This “land of bears” references the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor constellations, which cannot be observed from the South Pole or Antarctica, the “land without bears”. As for the most radiant of all stars, the North Star is found just above the geographical North Pole.

Photo credits: ©StudioPONANT / Laurence Fischer / Olivier-Blaud;  ©PONANT / Julien Fabro; ©Daniel Ernst; ©PONANT / Sue Flood 


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