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Why Go on a Cruise? And Where Should You Go?


Discover the unexpected charms of ocean voyages

Setting off on a cruise means seeing travel differently, no longer thinking of the journey as something to endure but rather an integral part of the experience. The expedition begins as soon as you board the ship. You’ll be left with unforgettable memories of a luxurious change of scenery.

First port of call: a thousand and one voyages

Taking a cruise lets explorers combine sailing at sea with excursions on land. And discover the pleasure sailors felt when their feet touched dry land after a long time at sea. Of course, life on board an exceptional cruise ship is a far cry from the frigates of yesteryear! These days, you get to discover several countries, different cities, legendary sites, and must-see destinations all in one trip. And enjoy the rare privilege of landing at places and sites that few people set foot in because they are only accessible by sea. These secret stopovers make for a genuinely unique trip. A cruise, in the best sense of the word, makes sure to offer its passengers exceptional, original, and surprising experiences filled with new discoveries.

Second port of call: life on a cruise ship

Given you spend quite a lot of time on board, the ship has to offer its passengers every pleasure, to the extent that they may never want to get off! Fancy some alone time in a high-end cabin, your own private bubble? Or sharing in group activities on board a ship that is brimming with surprises and crew to pamper you? Anything is possible, so you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. Thanks to a warm and intimate atmosphere, incredibly comfortable facilities, exceptional services, a 5-star rating and a deep-rooted maritime tradition, a luxury cruise is an oasis giving you the chance to relax, stay in shape and have fun. Everyone can find a cruise rhythm that suits them! And there are plenty of personalised services and extra touches that aim to make everyone feel like they’re on their own private yacht.

Third port of call: the peace of mind of an ocean voyage

What could be more arduous than organising your trip yourself and spending ages finding the best places to visit? Instead, why don’t you just pack your bags? On a cruise, you don’t need to stress. You can be sure you’re enjoying the best itineraries, exclusive stopovers, unmissable tours and more besides. Everything is planned before you even get on board. You don’t have to worry about anything, just be carried away by the sweet life on board and the peace of mind offered by a thoroughly planned trip. On board a luxury boat time stands still, the word “stress” is thrown overboard, and all the passengers have to do is enjoy the thrill of discovering the conifer forests of the Far North, the glaciers of Antarctica, the banks of the Amazon, or the idyllic beaches of New Caledonia… wherever they choose.

Fourth port of call: reasons known only to insiders

Those who don’t often go on cruises or have never been on a cruise probably don’t know that cruises (especially luxury ones) give you the chance to embark on an unforgettable culinary journey. On each cruise, top chefs design gourmet menus and put talents worthy of the best French restaurants at the service of excellence. Which may be crucial for foodies with a touch of wanderlust! The cultural journey begins on board as you explore with your taste buds and discover flavours that may be inspired by the itineraries.
And they also overlook the fact that this spirit of openness continues once you set foot on dry land. From the ancestral traditions of the Inuit to the age-old culture of Vanuatu, the lands and customs of the four corners of the world await travellers seeking knowledge.
And you can take the experience even further with themed cruises, including classical music and opera, food and wine, art and museums, theatre and literature, photography, and golf. Cruises can be an opportunity to combine your passions with your wanderlust and discover certain aspects of culture in the atypical setting of the big blue sea. Both on board and on land, cultural enrichment and encounters with passionate specialists and artists are the backbone of each theme.

Fifth port of call: to each their own stopover

Whatever you’re looking for, there is a cruise to meet your needs. Wherever you want to explore, there is a cruise to take you there. Today’s “explorers” are fascinated by the Arctic and Antarctica, while those who are starved for culture and discoveries would rather set a course for the islands of the Pacific Ocean, South America, or the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean. And if you’re neither an explorer nor a culture vulture, but want to treat your senses, the Caribbean and French Polynesia will welcome you with open arms. The wealth of fauna and flora and the panoramic views of the beauty the world has to offer can be seen in a new light from the ship’s bridge. Head for unforgettable excursions during idyllic stopovers on uncharted waters. Set off to experience an unparalleled cruise.

Whether you visit the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Antarctica, French Polynesia, or South America, cruises allow you to see the best bits of the seven seasluxury expeditions for those who love sailing from one port to the nextexcursions of a different kind alternating between the big blue sea and stopovers, with a new destination every day. Immerse yourself in each journey, recharge your batteries on board, get a close look at the coasts, enjoy all the luxuries offered by an exceptional cruise ship, reach your destination safe and sound, and make the most of broadened horizons: cruises are first and foremost a philosophy, an art of living. But if you’re still wondering whether cruises are for you, this indulgent itinerary should convince you.


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