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Corsica: the most beautiful beaches and diving spots

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Escape to the Isle of Beauty

Corsica is home to secret coves, sheltered bays and wild beaches, ideal for swimming and diving.

Santa Manza Bay

Hidden away in the bay that shares its name, Santa Manza beach, also known as Maora beach, is set apart by its fine sand, its small pier and its typically Corsican surroundings,
where the green maquis melts into the clear water. Ideal for first-timers and Level 1 divers, Santa Manza is home to schools of salema porgy and sea bream, as well as slipper lobsters and other small lobsters.
Pros: free public beach, restaurants at the edge of the water, easily accessible for children, the clear water and beautiful underwater landscapes.

Saint-Antoine Beach

Just 5 kilometres from the centre of Bonifacio, Saint-Antoine Beach takes its name from the island located a few metres from the shore, surrounded by turquoise water. Near the beach, a natural sea cave known as the Orca has been carved into the cliff by thousands of years of erosion. In addition to its stunning landscape, the rock formations in the water attract a wide variety of fish, ideal for underwater observation.
Pros: gorgeous scenery, proximity to the city, ideal for snorkelling.

Diving in the Lavezzi Islands

From Bonifacio, experienced divers can visit the protected reserve of the Lavezzi Islands. Among the most popular sites, the “Man’s Head” (tête de l’homme) and “Horse’s Head” (tête de cheval) diving spots are home to beautiful violet-colored sea whip corals, imposing groupers, corbs, and schools of barracudas and gilt-head bream.
Pros: because fishing and spearfishing are prohibited in certain areas of the Lavezzi Islands, they are home to a particularly large fish population.

Rondinara Beach

The road you take to get there is winding and sinuous. But Rondinara Beach is worth it. Set in a deeply rounded curving bay, Rondinara has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in both France and Europe on multiple occasions. The water here is crystal clear, the sand fine and the blue stretches all the way to the horizon. There are no buildings or constructions to disturb the calm, peaceful ambiance.
Pros: a car park located nearby. The location and layout of the beach means you can always find a perfect spot in terms of the position of the sun and the wind direction. The availability of sun loungers to rent.

More dream destinations

Setting off from Corsica along the west coast, there are many peaceful spots to drop anchor, including Calvi and the cove of Fica.
Not too far from AjaccioCala di Fica is one of the most isolated beaches in Corsica, only accessible by an hour’s walk or by boat. Swimming and snorkelling in this near-deserted cove is a truly unique experience.
Calvi is an unmissable destination for diving enthusiasts (Level 2 or advanced), offering an opportunity to see the submerged wreck of a B-17. This American bomber was shot down in a raid during the Second World War, landing at the foot of the Calvi citadel before sinking 26/27 metres to the seabed.


Enjoy the delights of the shores and coastline of the Corsican maquis

Dive in and discover the treasures of the Isle of Beauty on an unforgettable Mediterranean cruise.

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