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An unexpected tête-à-tête on the White Continent

An unexpected tête-à-tête on the White Continent

Drawn to the Antarctic and enamoured with polar wildlife, Emmanuel and his wife set sail with PONANT. Already blown away by the experience, they are about to enjoy a rare and priceless encounter with a blue whale…

After years of dreaming, researching and planning, Emmanuel and his wife took the plunge and set off for a cruise in Antarctica with PONANT. These two animal lovers were eager to observe the polar wildlife. And they weren’t disappointed…

Walking on the ice: excitement guaranteed!

Emmanuel remembers exactly how he felt on his Antarctic cruise, starting with how he felt when he first set foot on the sea ice! The excursion was carefully organised on board with the expedition team. Passengers were briefed to leave no trace on the White Continent. Here, it is all about observing and respecting the environment. The first thing Emmanuel felt was the sea ice moving slightly. How strange! But soon, the discovery of this “white paradise” was interrupted by a big surprise…

Nathalie Michel en Georgie du Sud / ©Nathalie Michel

The big blue

“Fwissshhhh”: a deep, unknown sound, like a giant exhaling, attracted the attention of our passenger. He couldn’t believe his eyes: there, nearby, a blue whale emerged from the water, taking a look at the small group. Everyone was in awe, overwhelmed by emotion. How could this imposing mammal, weighing some 200 tonnes, move so gracefully? How could you tear your eyes away from this fascinating show? A show expertly performed by the cetacean, which disappeared and reappeared several times.

Memories to last a lifetime

Back on board the ship, all anyone was talking about was, of course, this fantastic experience. But what Emmanuel cherishes everyday is the bond and connection created between the passengers and the PONANT crew. A real relationship formed, and their discussions were always exciting! The couple returned from their adventure with a travel journal filled with the words and drawings of the naturalist guides and profoundly changed by “the experience of a lifetime” they had during this trip. They have since become fervent ambassadors for PONANT cruises and Antarctica!

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Photos credits : © Albane Drion

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