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An audience with the emperor

An audience with the emperor

Marguerite dreamed for years of meeting emperor penguins. Her dream finally came true aboard Le Commandant Charcot!

In the polar regions, “time and ice are the only masters”, as the Inuit proverb goes. This wisdom guided Marguerite, a passenger aboard Le Commandant Charcot, during her expedition to Antarctica.

When dreams become reality

Marguerite has dreamed of meeting an emperor penguin since she was a little girl. This was her third trip to Antarctica, and she hoped that luck would finally smile on her. And she wasn’t the only one hoping for a meeting. Alongside passengers, naturalist guides and the crew, Luc Jacquet was also hoping to cross paths with the birds he films so often.

When suddenly, a magical moment… There, on the ice, penguins approached the ship, waddling over to greet the passengers. Marguerite shares this exceptionally intense moment with us, still full of emotion about this unique day. Seeing emperor penguins swim “like rockets”, emerge from the water with sparkling plumage, and then come to meet people: this experience made Marguerite feel like a kid again.


The magic continues on board

This moment of grace continued to reign on board long after the much-desired encounter. As if an indelible bond had been forged between the witnesses. On board, the aftermath was all about sharing and revelations between naturalist guides, Luc Jacquet’s film crews and passengers, eager to ask questions.

Marguerite reflects on the extraordinary richness of her experience: seeing a rare bird endemic to Antarctica through the prisms of science and art, feeding her imagination and opening her mind to new horizons.

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