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Travel aboard a sailboat

Voyage en voilier : l’art de la navigation traditionnelle

Answer the call of the sea!

Sailing is the art of using the wind to propel a vessel through the water, but above all, it is about taking your time. What a pleasure it is to sail the seven seas and admire wild shores! Sailing gives you the chance to enjoy watching the crew in action and recharge your batteries in exceptional landscapes secluded from the outside world.

Sailing: a sense of adventure

Sailing on a sailboat is the dream of every adventurer inspired by the tales of legendary sailors. Aboard a three-master, the journey becomes a fantastical odyssey, reminiscent of those of Ulysses or Sinbad. On the horizon: routes taken by explorers such as Marco Polo and great modern-day sailors from Ellen MacArthur to Yannick Bestaven, winner of the 2020-2021 Vendée Globe. 

Aboard a sailing ship, you have a front-row seat to an extraordinary show brilliantly staged by nature. But there is also a masterpiece taking shape on board, as men and women work hard to find fair winds to take passengers to the most beautiful destinations the world has to offer. The crew tap the energy of the wind to use as little fuel as possible, taking the time to slow down and enjoy the wonders of land and sea.

Voyage en voilier : l’art de la navigation traditionnelle

Sailing cruises: a sustainable and exclusive approach to travel

Landscapes look completely different from the sea – some can’t even be seen from land at all! Sailing gives you the chance to experience the great outdoors and wild coves. Onboard a sailboat, you become more aware that you are part of nature and that it is our role to protect it. 

Life at sea means learning to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle: a sailboat is a micro-society based on the principles of saving water reserves, using energy sparingly and eating fresh and local produce. 

Sailing cruises are part of the slow travel trend: a more sustainable way to travel that is more closely connected to local people and their cultures. By sailing off the beaten track, these cruises bring you closer to local communities, who delight in introducing visitors to their rich heritage and regional flavours.

The picturesque houses of Tzasteni south Pelion Thessaly Greece

Connecting with yourself, nature and others

The clarity of mind that only the sea spray can provide awakens all your senses: smell the salt, listen to the lapping waves and the wind, see the raging sea or discover the beauty of the full moon as the breeze caresses your skin. As close as possible to the elements – water, wind and earth –, sailing makes you feel free, providing exciting experiences. 

During a sailing cruise, you bond with other passengers and crew over your shared passions: sailing, travel, faraway places and new experiences. When you climb aboard, you join the crew and become part of a family. On a sailing ship, you form relationships as strong as sailing knots. But everyone chooses their own experiences: reading, meditation, yoga, a film projected on the sails of the mainmast, paddle boarding, kayaking to explore the still-mysterious surroundings, walking through the pedestrianised alleyways of villages nestled in the depths of isolated coves, taking an electric bike ride, swimming at a deserted beach accessible only from the sea and more. There are so many corners of the world where you can recharge your batteries.

Getting away from everything brings you closer to what really matters. (Loïck Peyron)

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