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What should you pack for a trip to the polar regions?


5 vital accessories to take with you

Heading to the Arctic or Antarctica: what an unforgettable adventure! Magical moments on the horizon. So, to ensure that it’s a complete success, here are five accessories that you really need to remember before setting off.

1. Sunglasses

This is the accessory to keep with you at all times to really make the most of the panoramic views and protect your eyes from the reflection of the sun off of the immaculate landscapes. Remember to systematically slip your highly protective glasses into their case in your pocket. You will be able to feast your eyes on everything… quite simply!

2. Warm gloves… that are also waterproof

To ensure that your hands are as comfortable as possible during the trip, get some very good quality gloves that will protect you from the cold and damp while letting you move freely. Vital to really make the most of the outings!

3. Waterproof overtrousers

Vital during expeditions when disembarking the Zodiac in “wet landing” mode, overtrousers also protect you from the cold. Try on your overtrousers properly before the day you leave: you should feel perfectly comfortable! In particular, have a trying-on session with different tights underneath.

4. Non-slip boots

Polar expeditions are magical, and you might as well have the proper footwear to really make the most of them. Choose high-quality boots to keep your feet warm and dry, even when the thermometer displays sub-zero temperatures!

5. A compact camera

Even though your memories will stay with you, sharing the emotion of your voyage with your loved ones will make you happy. To avoid having to change lens in the middle of an expedition, choose a good quality compact camera with automatic settings. “Snap, snap”: got it!

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