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Wondering where to go on a sun-seeking couples escape ?


A holiday with your lover is a holiday like no other

A romantic getaway with your significant other is an unrivalled experience, especially if it’s topped off with sun and in paradise-like surroundings. Whether you are after a relaxing retreat with picture-perfect scenery, or you’d sooner opt for excursions and sports activities, here are some of the best couple holiday destinations, fit for intrepid and laid-back lovebirds alike.

An ode to the Mediterranean

A cappuccino shared in Saint-Mark’s Square, vows exchanged on the Bridge of Sighs, or a wander through the narrow meandering streets of Siena : it is no coincidence that Italy is one of Europe’s favourite romantic destinations. With the sun on your side, here the dolce vita truly is a way of life.

Santorini, an authentic spot surrounded by the Mediterranean sea is one of the most sought-after Greek islands. It’s ideal for couples searching for romantic, sunlit memories against the backdrop of the crystal clear blue sea. Tiny villages of white-washed houses, windmills reaching to the sky, lagoons surrounded by fine white sand – Santorini’s tranquillity will seduce you as much is its pure, luxurious charm.

Lovers looking to titillate their tastebuds will fall in love with Lebanon. On the menu : mezze platters to share, with houmous, labneh and baba ganoush – the sumptuous seasoned blend of grilled aubergines. This is a welcoming location offering a flourishing cultural life.

Head to the Caribbean, the ‘Mediterranean of the New World’

Whether it’s to spend a luxurious honeymoon or simply to soak up the vibrant atmosphere of central America, the Caribbean is the perfect location for couples in search of a spicy, sun-drenched paradise. White sand and turquoise water: the beaches of the French West Indies are an oasis for unwinding indulgence; couples will also enjoy the richness of the local flora and fauna, not to mention the legendary aged amber and white rums for which Guadeloupe and Martinique are renowned!

Journey to Cuba, and roam the coloured streets of Havana’s, old town, ’Havana vieja’, whilst Varadero or Cayo Coco make Cuba a coveted choice for couples seeking the tranquillity of its blissful beaches.

For nature-lovers, could there be a more perfect location than Costa Rica, a country that’s been pioneering ecotourism for almost 15 years? Its many national parks and protected lands guarantee a wealth of unspoilt wilderness for you to explore together!

Set off for the Indian Ocean

Come and savour the mystery and beauty of Tanzania’s Zanzibar archipelago and an island which has long been lauded as a paradise on Earth. From the labyrinth of lanes in Stone Town to its seafront cafés, lovers will fall for this colourful and secluded land, and craft enthusiasts will be kept busy fabricating those treasured shared memories!

Lying in the heart of theIndian Ocean, the archipelago of Seychelles is a Garden of Eden for loved-up visitors. Experience an exhilarating scuba-dive, take a hike through verdant rainforest or stroll along some of the most beautiful beaches in the world : pure bliss!

Last but by no means least, how could anyone not succumb to the crystalline cobalt blue waters of the Maldives… not forgetting its white-sandy shores. This is the dream destination for couples with a penchant for water sports; pristine coral and exotic fish provide the backdrop to an unforgettable trip to one of the country’s idyllic atolls.

Ultimately it is up to you to choose the destination which makes your heart skip a beat… and of course all holidays are enjoyable when you’re with the person you love!


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