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The best Mediterranean luxury cruise

Faire une croisière de luxe en Méditerranée avec Ponant

Freedom and dolce vita

Going on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea with PONANT means choosing a new way of travelling to rediscover the wonders of the Med: reconnect with nature thanks to secret stopovers, see natural and cultural treasures with fresh eyes, take the time to admire the iconic seascapes and shores at a slower pace as you sail by and discover sublime new flavours on board at the gourmet restaurant.

Sailing aboard our luxury fleet means experiencing the Mediterranean far from the overcrowded beaches and packed hotspots: a journey designed as an ode to freedom and an awakening of the senses…

Mediterranean cruise: the luxury of itineraries off the beaten track

PONANT is committed to sharing unspoilt, authentic places with you. Our stand-out offer includes small-sized ships that can dock in secluded coves and teams of enthusiasts who have an eye for spotting secret shores.

Our purpose is to find natural gems – and the Mediterranean is brimming with them if you know what to look for. For example, explore secret Croatia and visit little-known sites such as Primošten, a charming fishing village that is particularly well preserved.

And take the time to explore the splendours listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites differently.

An elegant fleet

The PONANT fleet consists of innovative, next-generation ships designed and created to combine the pleasure of sailing with discovery and luxury.

Enjoy an intimate, muted environment with soft colours, drawing the focus out towards the ocean thanks to the large windows. The cabins and suites are decorated in a refined and elegant style and feature a private balcony with a sea view. Some suites also come with a private terrace and jacuzzi. Enjoy the outdoor heated seawater swimming pool and prepare to be soothed by the enchanting sea view as far as the eye can see, or opt for a relaxing treatment at the spa.

PONANT Explorers: ships designed for travelling in the sun

PONANT Explorers all have a hydraulic platform at the rear of the ship, allowing you to swim in the open sea feeling like the only person in the world or reach the shore when the ship is moored in the middle of a magnificent bay or cove.

And try out the Blue Eye, an intimate underwater lounge nestled in the hull of the ship. Designed by Jacques Rougerie, it comes straight out of the imagination of Jules Verne, offering a cosy atmosphere for relaxing with a view of what’s going on below the waterline.

New experiences

PONANT offers activities that leave you with unforgettable memories. We have an à la carte service for tailormade private excursions.

The choice is yours: put on your snorkel and mask and dive into the Aegean Sea off the coast of Antiparos Island, a favourite holiday destination among Hollywood stars. Try rafting in the crystal-clear River Acheron and feel like you’re riding the waters that inspired so many stories in Greek mythology. Savour Sicilian wines during a wine tasting and experience the power of the volcanic soils of the slopes of Etna against the backdrop of permanent snow. Continue your holiday in Granada and rediscover the beauty of the Alhambra at night for an intimate and unusual experience with this jewel of Spanish-Moorish art.

More sustainable tourism

Preserving the wonders of nature is part of PONANT’s DNA. We aim to be a pioneer in this area and implement a challenging CSR programme and roadmap: the Blue Horizon programme aims to reduce the carbon emissions of our cruises, eliminate single-use plastics, reuse waste, protect biodiversity and limit our footprint on ecosystems.

All ships in the fleet have been awarded the Bureau Veritas Cleanship label. We reduce our environmental impact through innovations, such as less heavy and less polluting fuel (LS MGO), silent electric propulsion and innovative wastewater and waste treatment.

PONANT is committed to the environment: the PONANT Foundation was created in 2018 to help preserve the oceans and poles and encourage exchanges between populations based on our conviction that we better protect what we know.

Gastronomy is in the spotlight on our luxury cruises

The full PONANT cruise experience also focuses on food in the spirit of French savoir-vivre and refinement. The menu is developed in partnership with the Ducasse Conseil teams.

Our experienced chefs, alongside top sommeliers, are inspired by the flavours of the places visited to create an inventive menu: an alliance with the flavourful cuisines of the Mediterranean – Italian, Greek or Turkish depending on your location at the time. As connoisseurs of local conditions, our experts choose their ports of call to source fish and fresh ingredients from local fishermen and producers early in the morning.

This drive for excellence and constant search for the best can be found on your plate, designed to be a culinary journey. Every day, the chefs rise to the challenge of offering you a healthy, elegant, gourmet menu with subtle food and wine pairings.

Exceptional guests and prestigious collaborations

Embark on a luxury cruise and share your passions with exceptional guests.

Meet artists, renowned authors, philosophers, historians, ambassadors, and more. During your cruise, you will have countless opportunities to interact informally with these prestigious figures. PONANT also partners with the Paris Opera, MUCEM, the Louvre and Connaissance des Arts magazine.

The Jazz Festival at Sea and Piano Festival at Sea musical cruises are the result of close collaboration with Radio Classique and Alain Duault, who composes line-ups of talented artists.

High-quality speakers also share their passion and expertise to satisfy your curiosity and deepen your knowledge. And films and documentaries are screened on board in the ship’s theatre.

Ballet as an odyssey: an unprecedented partnership with the Paris Opera

This seemed obvious, given we have so many values in common: excellence, elegance and, above all, a love of sharing.

PONANT and the Paris Opera are joining forces to offer an exceptional Mediterranean cruise, where dance and travel will be united in an unprecedented way for uniquely moving experiences. Travel is a massive source of inspiration for choreographers: Greek mythology and Italian baroque, for example, are key influences in many classical ballets.

On board, the ballet’s principals and dancers participate in special encounters and lectures involving dance where you experience behind the scenes of rehearsals. You also have the opportunity to learn classical dance from renowned teachers.

On land, attend performances during your stopovers to continue your immersion in this world of ballet that crosses time and borders.


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