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Our pick of must-follow travel Instagrammers


In an extraordinary compilation of landscapes and photography which showcase the wonders of our planet, with Instagram it’s easy to drift from page to page and from one travel fantasy to another. Here are some of the most popular and inspiring accounts to follow in preparation for your next trip – check them out!age.

National Geographic

More than 88 million curious travel enthusiasts follow the iconic account of National Geographic magazine. With contributions from the very best photographers this account offers an inexhaustible source of excitement, colour and a lifetime’s worth of travel ideas.
This Instagram account… shares what could be the most stunning landscape photography.

Michael Christopher Brown

Discover wide open spaces, taste a sense of freedom and feel closer to nature. The photographer also works with National Geographic, to whom he lends some of his most impressive shots.
This Instagram account… shares what could be the most stunning landscape photography.

Aurélie Amiot

This intrepid young woman left on her first big travel adventure in 2009. For almost 10 years she has been crossing continents, with her camera slung over her shoulder and a smile on her face, just as she appears here in Patagonia. The adventures continue on her gripping blog, packed with handy travel advice.
This Instagram account… finds a beauty in each place and in every living being.

Chris Burkard

Over the course of his travels, this photographer exposes nature’s most striking contrasts. His stunning landscape photography is enough to make this a must-follow account, but this globetrotter also has a talent for taking sublime portraits.
This Instagram account… manages to perfectly capture life’s most amazing moments.

Dave & Deb

Welcome to ‘Planet D’: a world seen through positively psychedelic eyes. Dave and Deb seem to travel wherever they can capture the most vibrant kaleidoscope of colour. not to mention a whole lot of fun!
This Instagram account… makes you want to travel as a couple.

Gary Arndt

This famous image hunter has already visited 120 countries and set up his tripod in every continent, as far as the Arctic circle. His shots have awarded him the accolade Travel Photographer of the Year, three times over.
This Instagram account… is what photographic perfection looks like.

Let’s Travel

Luxury, calm and pleasure: three words which best describe Let’s Travel’s photo gallery. Lagoons, mountain ranges, secluded coves and sumptuous swimming pools: Let’s Travel captures the magic in luxurious destinations.
This Instagram account… depicts the world in its most glamorous light.

Jared Chambers

Enjoy this ode to North America and its wide open spaces with the image gallery of Jared Chambers. Travel photographer and self-confessed freedom-lover, Chambers showcases the most iconic and authentic views from across the United States.
This Instagram account… is an shameless collection of quintessentially American scenes.


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