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The world’s top 5 most beautiful waterfalls


As impressive as they are dizzying, we could have lingered over the Iguazu Falls or Niagara Falls for a long time. But nature offers other waterfalls that are perhaps less well-known but just as breath-taking. Here are five treasures scattered across the globe.

1. Oceania – The Horizontal Falls of the Kimberley

Northwest Australia hides one of the world’s last remaining pristine and untamed areas. The Kimberley is an environmental wonder that is home to a one-of-a-kind spectacle: horizontal waterfalls!

Only accessible by sea, these horizontal falls with their myriad emerald-blue reflections are the product of a natural phenomenon created by two tidal currents. The water rushes through two narrow gorges, creating an extremely powerful current. Another curiosity: the direction of the flow reverses each time the tide changes.

2. Africa – Victoria Falls

Right in the heart of southern Africa, on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, is hidden one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World: Victoria Falls. Impressive, powerful, pulsating — these falls are 128 metres, high and hurtle down into a 1,700 metre-wide crevasse.

The local Makalolo people know them as “the smoke that thunders”. Why? Because of the sound of the falls which can be heard 40 kilometres away…

3. America – Angel Falls

Located in southeast Venezuela, Canaima National Park has a natural treasure it can’t really conceal. And for good reason. Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world! 979 metres high, these falls are 19 times bigger than Niagara Falls!

Listed as UNESCO World Heritage, this miraculous sight is named after the American aviator, Jimmy Angel, who discovered it in the 1930s. The falls are very difficult to access. By flying over in a plane you can admire this phenomenon, nestled amidst lush vegetation.

4. Asia – Baatara Gorge Waterfall

Another quite astounding natural phenomenon is the Baatara Gorge. Located in north Lebanon, in the town of Tannourine, this gorge is carved from limestone. It consists of three bridges and an impressive waterfall of nearly 100 metres height that thunders and roars from the beginning of spring, after the snow has thawed.

Discovered in 1952 by the French speleologist Henri Coiffait, this unique site is surrounded by jungle as far as the eye can see. A wholly unusual panorama, just two hours from Beirut!

5. Europe – Godafoss Waterfall

In north Iceland, in the Myvatn region, fortunate travellers can take the time to admire Godafoss Waterfall. . Here, it is not its height (around 12 metres) nor its width (30 metres) that is most impressive but its absolute beauty.

Dubbed “the waterfall of the gods”, Godafoss Waterfall is adorned with basalt columns. According to legend, it was here that a pagan chief decided the official religion of Iceland in 1000 AD. He chose Christianity and so decided to throw the statues of the pagan gods into the waterfall. Divine.

Whatever your destination, each continent is home to waterfalls providing unforgettable sights!


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