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Between Brazil and Argentina : a closer look at Iguazu falls


Aquatic splendours in the heart of Latin America

One foot in Argentina, the other in Brazil: Mother Nature bridged the two Latin American neighbours with Iguazu Falls. Listed as UNESCO world heritage since 1984, these marvels of nature are a spectacular sight to behold with their 275 waterfalls, the largest of which peaks at 90 metres.

Whether seen from Argentina (Puerto Iguazu) or Brazil (Foz do Iguaçu), the conclusions are the same. The approach may be different but the feeling experienced in front of these genuine mountains of water surging from the forest remains indescribable. You can only admire the great roar.

Argentinian side, Puerto Iguazu

Here the famous Latin American falls are discovered from Iguazu National Park which extends over 67,000 hectares. The falls can be accessed from three routes and two paths, immersing you in the forest and giving you the chance to discover unique fauna and flora – prestigious mammals, birds and plants such as coatis, iguanas and toucans.

The park can also be explored on a small land train. Finally, on the Argentinian side, you can also enjoy discovering San Martin island, made famous by the film The Mission, winner of the Palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1986. Yet again, this visit takes you as close as possible to the falls.

Encountering the majestic toucans: one of the highlights of discovering Iguazu Falls and its incredible fauna.

Brazilian side, Foz do Iguaçu

There’s just as much pleasure to be had from this side and it offers a more comprehensive and intimate view of the three kilometres of waterfalls. Here you enter Iguaçu National Park and its 185,000 hectares of perfectly laid out land. After a mandatory bus ride, you discover a unique route of approx. one kilometre.

It offers exceptional viewpoints of the falls, and in particular of the famous Devil’s Throat. This is where the sight becomes beyond belief, in the face of the incredible power of thousands of litres of water flowing amid clouds of vapour. A memorable moment on the horizon!

The Devil’s Throat is a fall 72 metres high, it is the main waterfall amongst the 275 in Iguazu National Park.

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